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Let's Talk Conditional Selling

October 20, 2022 Lisa Orme Episode 52
Lisa Orme - Money, Mortgages & Motivation
Let's Talk Conditional Selling
Show Notes

In this episode, myself and Patrick Sullivan discuss conditional selling, an example of this is an estate agent telling a buyer they must use their broker or solicitor in order to get the property. We talk about the truths and laws covering this and much more. 

This is the third episode of a five part podcast I recorded with Patrick, in future episodes we talk about landlord regulations and changes, what should a landlord look for in a letting agent, also be sure to check out the previous episodes. 

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About Patrick:
Patrick is a portfolio Landlord in Coventry and the owner of Red Brick Sales & Lettings. They cover and manage 1200 properties in: Coventry, Rugby, Solihull, Derby, Brighton, Tunbridge Wells.

A few words from Patrick: Not your normal estate agent I wear shorts all year round and tell people things they don’t necessarily want to hear . Been an agent for 20 years now and still enjoy it but the industry needs to change . Most people cant stand agents and I agree with them!

Love spending time with my family including my German Shepard’s. Hobbies include Diving and Taekwondo.

Have passion for my charity work in Malawi . Planning my 3rd trip their soon.

“ To many people think property is a short term gain.  Property is a long term game , a game with ever changing rules, goal posts that move almost daily and in between we have to navigate living our lives “

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